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Palms Laser & Skin Care


COVID -19 Protocols

Our goal is to keep everyone safe by limiting the amount of people in the Spa at any given time. To accomplish this, we will modify appointment schedules accordingly; to ensure social distancing is observed.

150-3800 Chatham 

Richmond, V7E 2Z3

Tel: 604 278 4700

 Sunday - Monday Closed

Tuesday to Saturday 9:30-6pm 


Let’s find a solution together

Back Massage

laser & Skin Care

We are a passionate team of professionals, each committed to helping our clients reach their goals and unveiling their truest potential. Offering a completely tailored experience that is every bit as individual as our clients, we provide expert services using world-renowned treatments and technologies to deliver visible results and exceptional service.


Laser hair removal

Intense pulse light is an effective, safe method of removing unwanted hair and can be used safely to treat most parts of the body.  Compared with methods such as electrolysis and waxing, IPL hair removal is an effective form of permanent hair




The term clean within the aesthetic industry has come to embody ethically created products that are free from toxic ingredients. It’s open to interpretation, but for us, it means being honest and transparent about what ingredients are in our products and why. We are using clinically proven medical-grade ingredients, in optimal dosages within the formulations to create products that deliver exceptional results.


Experienced technician utilizes a special wax formula to gently remove unwanted hair from the bikini area that is never double-dipped


“I do laser hair removal at this clinic and it works wonderfully! I have been to many laser hair removal clinics and have not seen results the way I see them here.The hair is actually GONE, all of it, even in places where I ALWAYS grow it back. The machine also does not hurt the way many other machines do. Zara is great, patient, and ensures you are not uncomfortable or in pain during the sessions. I 100% recommend if you wish to be hair free”

Tila MC Huge
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